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The Statistical Copilot

Data analysis can seem so big that you may not think you have enough time to learn it all. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. It’s easy to get lost.

Do you ever wonder which method is best to use?
Have you ever used the wrong method to solve a problem?
Is your statistical/data toolset too narrow?

Let us help you confidently navigate your way through the vast world of data analysis.

Imagine the Possibilities:

Does this
sound like

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You might be frustrated with the lack of time and energy to learn and understand all the statistical techniques you need for your job or career.

You might work for a company or organzation with a poor mentoring program. Perhaps it is a poor environment in which to learn and grow. 

You might be frustrated with having to always ask for help when given a job assignment. 

You might be in a job where you feel uncertain about your ability to keep up. 

You might be worried that insufficient expertise will inhibit your career or close off opportunities.

You might feel your statistical toolkit is too small or narrow. 

Let us be your best kept secret

Our high touch, on demand Statistical Copilot Package allows you access to an expert when you need one, so you can get the job done and done impressively. 

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The Benefits of our Premiere Package

An initial consultation (30 minutes) to determine your specific needs and gaps in knowledge and skills.

On demand availability Monday through Friday to answer questions and provide brief but specific explanations.

Access to written material and other resources as they become available, including a bibliography of reference material.

A comprehensive and personalized plan to address your goals and needs. A plan that evolves as your needs and skillset evolves. 

Two 1-hour sessions per month to provide more in-depth instruction and training. 

1 additional hour is also available each month at a discounted rate.

Other methods of learning might not be enough to advance your skills and career. 

  • Your company mentor might not be there much of the time. Companies often aren't good cultures for learning and industry can be fast paced. 

  • Bosses and coworkers are busy and not always available to help. 

  • Knowledgeable on-demand or hourly tutors aren't always available for more advanced subjects.

  • With everything you have going on in your life, time is limited for self-study and for study groups and other participants might not know much more than you do. 

  • The money you spend will more than pay off with future career advancement.

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"Glen is extremely knowledgeable and is expertly prepared to explain how to derive the answers and what the mathematical principals are behind them."


A personal note from Glen

Hello, I’m Glen Meyer, an educator, consultant, writer, and philosopher living and working in Austin, Texas. Throughout my life I have discovered and rediscovered mathematics, working through its complexities and frustrations to find its puzzles, depths, surprises, and enticements, but also encountering its underside, its entanglements with power and systems of domination.

My goal here is to share and explore these discoveries and encounters with others through writing and teaching. Please feel free to have a look around and reach out.

I grew up in the Midwest and have an undergraduate degree in mathematics from the University of Iowa and a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Minnesota (with a specialization in the philosophy of science, including a minor in the studies of science and technology). I have worked in a variety of occupations: as both a high school teacher and a college professor, in artificial intelligence (as an ontologist, developing ontologies and designing inference paths), and, more recently, as a ratemaking property and casualty insurance actuary, both in private industry and in rate regulation. A little more than a year ago I left this last occupation to return to my true passions: teaching and writing.

I really am a client’s best kept secret. Learn more about me and all the services I offer. 

About Me

Exploring Meaning in Mathematics

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